About Affiliation

“Boot It Fitness provides fitness professionals with knowledge and tools to reach their potential as a trainer and a business owner. We are a community of like-minded fitness lovers who are passionate about helping people with their health and fitness goals while building a profitable and sustainable business” CEO – Mark Tulloch

Humble beginnings

From the very start the Boot It Fitness movement was based around brining people together to engage in effective training in a fun environment.

We encouraged people to move their body and focused on the basic natural movements such as running, jumping, pushing and pulling as opposed to complicated functional lifting movements and heavy lifting. From the very beginning we knew that from completely sedentary right up to super fit, being able to deliver body-weight only classes means being a complete trainer.

Retain your voice

As a Boot It Fitness affiliate you retain control over your income, business decisions and program delivery. We have purely packaged what we have done as best practise to achieve outstanding success and our philosophies of treating people the right way for sustainable success as a fitness professional.

Boot It Fitness is not a franchise as we understand that fitness professionals wants to have the ability to express their unique talents and create their own brand. Our affiliates are a community of trainers who input their owns experiences into the Boot It Business Portal and feed off each other. One thing we all have in common is a love for the group dynamic involved with group training.

The movement

Boot It Fitness is a fitness movement that is focused on empowering trainers through our group training certifications and ever growing fitness business portal.

Boot It Fitness does not see itself in direct competition to big-box gyms or CrossFit. We are able to merge in with these business models and also operate as a stand alone program. Our programs are holistic in approach and we do not believe any one method is superior to another. We engage in calesthenics, strength endurance, running, hiking, functional lifting, gymnastics, yoga, walking, PNF stretching and many other forms of movement.

Carve your pathway... with our help...

Literally zero equipment is needed to become a Boot It Fitness affiliate. We did it the hard way and we can show you how to start from nothing and grow an empire. Alternatively if you are established as a trainer with equipment or have a fixed premises we have proven methods for success with these business models.

For more detailed information on how to become a Boot It Fitness affiliate, please see How to Affiliate.